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Mission & Vision

Central Kansas Mental Health Center’s mission is to make life better in our communities by providing excellent mental health care and education which exceeds clients’ expectations.

Our vision is that all residents of our service area:

  • know that mental health problems are real and treatable
  • that Central Kansas Mental Health Center is available, accessible, and affordable
  • seek intervention and treatment at the earliest sign of mental health problems

2018 Annual Report


Community Mental Health Centers were created by the federal Mental Health and Retardation Facilities and Community Mental Health Centers Construction Act of 1963. Under this legislation, community mental health centers were developed to make mental health services available across the country. Community Mental Health Centers provide a range of mental health services, including outpatient care, day treatment, 24-hour emergency services, consultation and education, and medication services.

Standards for Community Mental health centers are set by state licensing regulation. These regulations require that standards of quality be met in several areas including provision of specified programs, employment and supervision of staff, and use of standardized clinical practices. These standards are monitored in Kansas by the Department of Aging and Disability Services. Central Kansas Mental Health Center is one of 27 Licensed Community Mental Health Centers in Kansas.

Central Kansas Mental Health Center (CKMHC) was created by resolution of the Saline County Commissioners as of January 1, 1964; Dickinson, Ellsworth and Ottawa Counties joined by resolution January 1, 1965. Lincoln County joined January 1, 1972.

CKMHC moved to the present location, 809 Elmhurst, Salina, March 1, 1977. Building(s) and services have grown and developed since that time. Building additions to original outpatient building occurred in 1985, 1987 and 2006. Crossroads Building was completed in 1992 with the basement build out in 2002. The Oliver Martin Center, 833 Elmhurst, was purchased next door in 1997.

The second round of “de-institutionalization” in Kansas, dubbed Mental Health Reform, started in 1992 as community based services were being developed in all communities with significant state funding as services/beds were being decreased at the state psychiatric hospitals. Services were being brought to clients as opposed to individuals getting ill enough that they were taken to state hospitals, sometimes living and growing up there.

CKMHC is currently provides a robust range of mental health services in each of 5 counties which always endeavor to provide the lowest level of care which is safe and appropriate. Any resident of the counties is eligible to apply for a discounted fee, based on proof of income and number of dependents. CKMHC provides a screening service for admissions to state psychiatric hospitals, psychiatric residential treatment facilities for youth and Medicaid inpatient psychiatric admissions. All community based services are designed to assist clients who have serious or severe mental health conditions to remain in their homes and communities while working toward their recovery.

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Kathryn Mosher, MS MBA

Executive Director

Cody Sparks, MS

Clinical Director

Glenna Phillips, LMSW

Community Support Services Administrative Director

John Lobato, BA

Community-Based Services
Administrative Director

Sheila Srna

Director of Finance

Renee Hewitt Soden, BA

Quality Assurance director

Dan Curoe

Human Resources Director

Becky McCary

Administrative Assistant

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