Central Kansas Mental Health is authorized site for loan repayment plan.

Applicant Commitment

Central Kansas Mental Health Center (CKMHC) is a health service agency with a strong commitment to the core values in our mission and vision statements.
Our approximately 150 employees are critical to delivery of quality services to the residents of Dickinson, Ellsworth, Lincoln, Ottawa and Saline counties.

Mission Statement

To make life better in our communities by providing excellent mental health care and education which exceeds clients’ expectations.

Vision Statement

  • All residents of our service area know that mental health problems are real and treatable.
  • All residents of our service area know that Central Kansas Mental Health Center is available, accessible, and affordable.
  • All residents of our service area who have mental health problems seek intervention and treatment at the earliest sign of problems.

To honor commitment to these values and to further integrate them with our organizational mission and vision, it is imperative that we seek these behaviors in the people we hire.

  • Excellence To create an organizational environment that encourages excellence in public service
  • Professionalism To exhibit personal conscientiousness through courtesy, honesty and respect in working with customers and co-workers
  • Integrity To model honesty and transparency.
  • Innovation To promote continuous improvement
  • Accountability The ability to take responsibility for one's individual actions and remain focused on the goals and objectives of CKMHC
  • Communication The process by which information is transmitted and understood. Communication includes both oral and written skills
  • Customer Service The ability to anticipate and meet the needs of CKMHC's internal and external customers
  • Teamwork The ability to work well with others and offer support, identify problems and find solutions.

By clicking the check box below, you are committing to uphold CKMHC’s values and goals should you become an employee of the Central Kansas Mental Health Center. Clicking the check box will direct you to our Employment Opportunities page and our Employment Application.