Access & Assessment

Any resident may contact CKMHC to access services by making an appointment for an Intake Assessment. Appointments are scheduled anywhere between the same day and something more convenient at a later date. When the need is urgent, emergency services will be scheduled.

The first appointment will help to determine the need for treatment and to help set goals for treatment with the client and family. You will start treatment that day with an understanding of nature of your concerns, hope of improvement and next steps.

The Intake Assessment may include referral to additional services and collaboration with other providers who may be helpful.


CKMHC has an Emergency Therapist on call 24 hours a day for emergency services primarily when there is a need to screen for a possible psychiatric hospitalization. Any mental health situation where there is an urgent need for professional assessment, including the question of suicide or self harm may warrant a screen. 911 is always the call to make when there is immediate need for safe intervention.


Outpatient services include individual, marital, family and group psychotherapy for individuals and their families. The range of problems includes minor disruptions in functioning to the more serious and long lasting problems in life. Any age and all levels of possible problems are welcome to request treatment.

Youth must have their parent/guardian’s consent and participation for the best outcomes.


Any client of CKMHC may be referred to the Medical Team for assessment to determine if a psychiatric medication will expedite treatment and recovery or not. Often the best outcome is combination of psychotherapy and medication. Services are coordinated with the Primary Care Physician who also sees the client.

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Community Based

Specialized, recovery and strength based services are available to clients who have the most severe and prolonged mental health conditions which include difficulty functioning. These services are carefully tailored to the needs of the individual and family within a mutually determined treatment plan with goals and objectives.

The range of services include case management, psychosocial groups, attendant care, peer support for adults and parent support for parents of youth who meet criteria for the federal SED (Severe Emotional Disorder) Waiver services. Wrap Around facilitation, respite, housing support, outreach to homeless, etc. are available as individually needed.

Prevention & Education

CKMHC staff are available to provide educational events to the public which are aimed toward reducing the stigma of mental health problems, providing information about mental health problems and services and providing hope that recovery is possible.

Information is provided via the Web site, printed materials, presentations, panels, collaborative activities, and other settings.

CKMHC offers the evidenced based educational class Mental Health First Aid ( link to events), adult and also youth versions on a scheduled basis, as well as by special arrangement with any group.

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